Mobile LiDAR

LiDAR is the combination of light and radar where light is used instead of radio waves to determine range, angle or velocity of an object. Mobile LiDAR units can be mounted in vehicles, UAVs, and also in backpacks for surveying applications like city modelling, highway & transportation surveying, railway mapping etc.

  • Optech Lynx

    Optech Lynx HS300

    Optimize accuracy and achieve high-volume production processing with Optech LMS Pro...

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  • Accessories

    Velodyn VLS-128

    Velodyne VLS-128 World's Most Capable LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles...


    FLIR Ladybug5+ 360⁰ spherical camera that can acquire 8k30 or 4k60...

    Velodyn HDL-64E

    Velodyne HDL-64E Designed for obstacle detection...

  • Lynx HS600

    Lynx HS600

    The Lynx HS600 lidar solution represents the apex of lidar design and performance...

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  • Maverick


    Mobile mapping system sets a high bar for size, portability and versatility...

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