The high cost of surveying by GPS and vision sensors can be reduced by using a MEMS based IMU/INS which also minimize the space issues occupied by those instruments.

Why to use an IMU with an integrated INS in LiDAR?

Inertial measurement unit is an electrical device that used for different measurements like angular rate, specific force, or even the magnetic fields around of an object. This device has been worked along with the combination of accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometers. Linear acceleration is measured by the accelerometers and the rotation rate by the gyroscope. IMU is used specially in aircraft, UAVs, spacecrafts, landers, water crafts, guided missiles etc. The combination of IMU with INS can provide more effective result for navigation, guidance and controlling system. Inertial navigation system is a navigation device that used to measure the actual position of the object by using the information from IMU and a navigation computer. The navigation computer takes measurements from the IMU and uses them to calculate the relative position, orientation and velocity of the moving object. The INS is working through dead reckoning process. IMU have many advantages over its sensors like all the sensors are very robust against the external interruption because all the data are measured directly from signal sources and also IMU is cheaper than other GPS and vision sensors and easy to mount in any vehicle. So MEMS based IMU with integrated INS LiDAR is very useful for any kinds of survey and mapping.

Several use of IMU in different industries

IMU has been used in land vehicle surveys as they can be mounted on any vehicle easily due to its standard safety features. It also use for road mapping, forest mapping, railway track mapping, traffic maintenance and also for asset management. In aerospace and defense IMU is vastly used. It helps to locate the position in the air and also navigate the path. Guided missiles also have an integrated IMU. the commercial airways also use IMU for navigating the path and location of the aircrafts. In space shuttle specially in the landers use of IMU is mandatory as it serves a safe landing of the spacecraft.

Some popular high performance INS like

  • Survey+ OXTS
  • Inertial+ OXTS
  • XNAV 500

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